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Double Reduction Gear Box

Double Reduction Gear Box is double reduction gearing system used to reduce the speed in two stages. Premium Double Reduction Gear Box is designed to form primary worm reduction unit which is integrally mounted on the single reduction worm reducer to form the second stage. This is the rigid and compact unit for slow-moving machinery to reduce speed. In these gearboxes wide range of ratios 4900:1 are also available. High-quality case hardening steel use for worm and accurately generated, ground and super finished. The worm wheel made of phosphor bronze. The worm wheel weld to a rigid center by pressing it. Different shaft handling arrangements are available. We, Sai Engineers manufacture lightweight Double Reduction Gear Box for Automation industry, Textile industry, Packaging Equipment, and Ceramic industry.

Elecon Gear :
EMRV Worm series main features are as follows:
Gearbox Housing Flanges are made up of Aluminium Alloy up to sizes 90 from size 110 it is Cast Iron.
Worm shafts are made of high-quality steel with hardness levels of 58 to 62 HRC and are profile ground and worm wheel's made of Bronze Alloy having better wear resistance heat dissipation properties which increase the life of the gearbox.

Gear Box up to size 90 are Pre-fitted with Synthetic Oil ISO VG 320 Grade which is virtually maintenance free does not require oil change during their lifetime also called if Lubricated" gearboxes.
Gear Box size 110 above mineral oil is used in general and synthetic oil on request.
The reducer model from size 25-90 has the oil fill hole only.
The reducer model 110-150 has oil hole, oil. level indicator drains out the hole.
It has been Pre-filled with mineral oil.
ISO VG 460 in required quantity.
Available in the Hollow input, Hollow Output, Solid Input, Solid Output.
Standard IEC frame in B5 and B14 Frame size ranges from 56, 63, 71, 80, 90, 100, 112, 132, 160.
A variety of connecting structure/ flanges for power input and torque, the design of box outline and the set of foot hole with good versatility is apt to many kinds of mounting.
Higher Ratio available by combining two single stage reducers with the help of combination kit/Joining Kit.
The combination of Worm Helical Pre-stage Unit Available for Ratio up to 300.

Greaves Double Reduction Speed Reducers are two stage worm reduction units. A specially designed primary worm reduction unit is integrally mounted on a standard single reduction Greaves worm reducer which forms the second stage. The composite units provide the most compact and rigid arrangement for large reduction of speed necessary for slow moving machinery. A wide range of ratios upto 4900:1 is available.

The wormshafts are made of high quality case hardening steeL accurately generated, ground and superfinished. The wormwheels comprise of phosphor bronze centrifugally cast rims of substantial sections welded to rigid centres. Considerable flexibility of shaft layout is permissible with all types of Double Reduction units. The dimension drawing for each series shows the different shaft handing arrangements and the appropriate reference should always be quoted when ordering.